School and College Mental Health

  • Handling Teenagers in a Modern World
  • Abusive Language and Bad Behaviour – key issues
  • Handling Exam Stress in Students
  • Handling A Modern Classroom
  • What Teachers can do about Bullying?
  • What Teachers need to know about Sex Education?
  • Anger Management for Teachers
  • Stress Management for Teachers
  • Team Building for Teachers and Principals
  • Being an Effective Teacher in the Modern Age
  • Positive Classroom Discipline at Primary Level
  • Positive Classroom Discipline at Secondary Level
  • Brain Based Education – what teachers must know
  • The Adolescent Brain – what teachers must know
  • The Male and Female Brain – what teachers must know
  • The Internet and Teaching
  • Building a Quality School
  • Identifying Developmental Disabilities in the Classroom
  • Learning Disability – what teachers must know?
  • Identifying Psychological Problems in the Classroom
  • Psychological problems in school children – a primer for teachers.
  • How the English Language Learner Brain Learns
  • How the Brain Learns in General
  • How the Special Needs Brain Learns
  • How the Brain Learns To Study
  • Behaviour Modification – general aspects
  • Preschool Mental Health – what teachers must know

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