Corporate Mental Health

  • Stress Management at a Corporate Level
  • Time Management at a Corporate Level
  • How our Brain Makes Decisions – Corporate Perspectives
  • Team Building Sessions for Corporate
  • How to Achieve Authentic Happiness
  • Job Satisfaction – how does one be happy?
  • Positive Living Workshop
  • Improving Managerial Skills
  • Sleep Problems – how to overcome them
  • Work Pressure – management
  • Success Intelligence – how to get there
  • Your Brain at Work
  • Your Personality – where will I go from here?
  • Maintaining the Work Home Balance
  • Easy ways to Quit Smoking
  • The New Science of Neuro-Economics
  • The Male Brain – what corporate must know
  • Spiritual Intelligence – reaching the mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence – reaching the mindset
  • Can corporate professionals have a happy marriage?
  • How can I be a great Boss
  • Mental Health in the Banking sector
  • Mental Health for Bank Managers
  • Mental Health at Call Centres
  • Work Improvement at Call Centres
  • Being a successful HR professional

These are some of the workshops that we conduct at a corporate level. We conduct these workshops in groups of 10-50. Some workshops may be specially modified based on the type of work, the areas of work the company is involved in and factors causing stress in a particular industry. Some workshops may be modified based on the group that is attending and the level of work they do. Specialized workshops for Individuals at managerial, CEO and directorial level are conducted. We also conduct a detailed personality evaluation and psychological assessment if needed or requested by the company. We also conduct tests to determine employee stress levels, job satisfaction and coping skills. Specialized workshops on quitting smoking while working are conducted. This may be done in small or large groups. These workshops may be conducted by us in the company itself when facilities are available or at an independent venue as the need demands.

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