Adults and the Common Man

  • Handling Problems in Intimate Relationships
  • Improving Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Improving the Work Life Balance
  • How to Build a Better Life
  • Anger Management
  • How to Overcome Guilt and Frustration
  • Suicide Prevention Programmes for adults
  • Overcoming Depression Naturally
  • Overcoming Anxiety Naturally
  • Sexuality Related Issues in Adults
  • Positive Lifestyle Management
  • Overcoming Guilt and Hatred Naturally
  • Improving Memory and Work Output
  • How to make your Marriage Work
  • Couple Enrichment Programme for Married Couples
  • How to Achieve Authentic Happiness
  • Adults and Older Parents – answering all the questions

These are some of the topics on which we have conducted workshops for adults. These workshops are usually in groups 15-60 depending on the need and situation. The workshops are usually of two hours duration with a break. The main feature Of these workshops is practical and applicable solutions that are offered to complex problems that retard one’s growth and development. The workshops are conducted by highly trained and qualified professionals who are specialists in their area of expertise. We also organize specific issue based workshops in the corporate area and workshops for relatives (caregivers) of those with psychological problems. These are discussed in later sections.

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